Poems From The Heart - Some More For You

Poems From The Heart - Some More For You

This is the second book in the series "Poems from the Heart" and follows closely on the heels of the first book, "My Starter for Ten". As a new Author & Poet I am thoroughly enjoying producing this work and just generally being able to tell stories through poetry. It is something I have wanted to do since childhood and my time in Primary school, where I was encouraged to write and express the stories in my mind and to be creative. In truth, this was more in regard to fictional writing and had little, if any focus on poetry, that was something I found myself becoming interested in later in life, where I found it could help me to express feelings and overcome loss. I don't want to follow any specific trail when writing, just to have the freedom to express my views on things in general. Some things make me chuckle, some make me mad and others me extremely sad. I hope I can convey these emotions and that my poetry gives pleasure or comfort to those that read it. It took me 50 years to pick up the Authors pen following the advice I received at school, so I plan to enjoy writing for as long as is possible. I am committed and passionate about doing so, and giving something back to society is a big part of what is driving me
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